FullFill is a new concept that might be tricky to understand at first. In this section we will try and give an answer to the FAQs about FullFill. Nevertheless, do not hesitate to contact us for any additional information.


FullFill is a platform that matches warehouse operators with free space available and merchansise owners requiring space.

How does FullFill work?

FullFill has a list of warehouses which we try our best to keep up to date. This list includes the different storage and handling prices per pallet. If you come across a need for storage, FullFill will find the one that fits your need best and the enquiry will just take a few minutes. Easy!.

Will my goods be safe?

Contracting FullFill's services is 100% safe. Your goods will be covered by the chosen warehouse's insurance. In the near future we will gladly offer additional coverage you can choose from.

What does price per pallet mean?

Every time we mention pallets, we refer to EUR-pallets. EUR-pallet dimensions: 1200*800mm that can hold up to 500kg.

What is your WMS all about?

FullFill has a Warehouse Management System available for warehouses and companies who need storage. Our WMS is a straightforward tool that is used for both communication and inventory tracking at all times.

Is it required to use FullFill's WMS in order to contract a storage service?

It is not required. Storage services can be contracted directly through our website.

Will I be able to track my goods?

Once you find your suited warehouse, you will have full access to our WMS where you can track your goods at all times.

Do I depend on FullFill every time I want to access my goods?

Not at all. You will just have to let our tool do all the work for all your main requests (picking, receipt and sending of goods...).

Which party will be in charge of the transport?

FullFill will include a transport quote along with the storage quote. Nevertheless, if you prefer using your own transport means, you are not obliged to contract ours.

Do you offer value-added services?

Each one of our warehouses offer specific services. Soon you will be able to filter the ones you need: picking, chilled storage... For now just let us know what you need and we will happily find the right one for you.

Is there a minimum requirement of pallets to use FullFill?

Each warehouse has its minimum requirement or special discounts depending on the quantity and duration. Warehouses usually accept storage requests when the amount is above 10 pallets.

Do my goods need to be palletized?

Do not worry if in your case they are not. If your goods are not palletized, most of our warehouses will do it for you at an extra cost.

Is there any type of goods I am not allowed to store?

Warehouses choose the goods they want to let in depending on their speciality and accreditations. You will need to specify if the goods do not fit what we described as standard (weight above 500kg, pharmeceutical, outdoor storage, hazardous, food products, bonded warehousing...).

Do you like the idea? Fill in the form, sit back and let us improve your logistics!