For warehouses with spare space available

Let FullFill get you extra income without having to invest a cent!

FullFill will match you with companies that are looking for space or logistics services in your area. This will cause an inevitable income increase and will lessen your unit costs without having to give up on your independence.

FullFill's WMS

FullFill's software is a cloud tool that improves the connection between customers and warehouses. It also manages inventories and shows the operations' status. Once the WMS is installed, you will be able to manage your operations through our platform which will make your invoicing a walk in the park.

Receive boxes and pallets with our tracking number and place them in the empty space you have at your warehouse. You can use our WMS (Warehouse Management System) or connect to our API and carry on using the system you have always used. This way you can still get all the benefits FullFill has to offer without having to give up your own methods.

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Choose FullFill and you will have access to hundreds of potential clients, a warehouse management system, invoicing tools and data analysis.

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Free advertising!

Get free and inmediate access to hundreds of potential clients

You can add your warehouse to our list at the excesive price of 0€! Just let us know where you are, the free space you usually have and give us a price. We will double check every time you get a new client, this way you will have complete control over your warehouse.

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You can manage it all!

Manage your deliveries,orders and warehouse with no need to invest in ICT

Our logistics and IT experts have developed our systems in order to simplify all our processes. Just a couple of clicks and you will have complete access to the invoicing and tracking of your goods.

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Always get your money on time thanks to our fully automated billing system

We get the fact that the billing stage can be an absolute nightmare. FullFill is good at making the hard easy and we issue invoices automatically after the service given is completed. We will unify the clients' payments so you receive your money on time.

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Data Analysis

We will improve your logistics analysing your numbers

FullFill will optimise your numbers analysing your occupancy paterns, transport and market behaviour. You will also be able to compare your data to other operators' through different efficiency metrics.

Do you like the idea? Fill in the form, sit back and let us improve your logistics!